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Great Lakes Hydraulics Ltd is the Canadian Stocking Distributor of Nason products.
Nason has the industry’s widest range of options including set points, fluid and electrical connections, switch circuitry, current ratings, severe service and more.
Nason Hi and Low Pressure Switch
Hi and Low Pressure Switch
> Low Pressure Switch SQ
> Low Pressure Switch SM
> Low Pressure Switch MM
> Low Pressure Switch LM
> Low Pressure Switch  CJ
> High Pressure Switch XM
> High Pressure Switch WX
> High Pressure Switch CD
Nason Temperature Switch
Temperature Switch
> Temperature Switch TT
> Temperature Switch TD
> Temperature Switch TM
> Temperature Switch HT
Nason Vacuum Switch
Vacuum Switch
> Vacuum Switch VM
> Vacuum Switch NV
> Vacuum Switch VP
Nason Vintage Switch
Vintage Switch
> Low Pressure Switch CM
> Low Pressure Switch SP
> Low Pressure Switch NS
> High Pressure Switch WS
> High Pressure Switch IS
> High Pressure Switch XP
> Temperature Switch TC150
> Temperature Switch TC152
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